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Okuno International is proud to announce a new product to the North American market, TAC SORMAL 121. It is a replacement for the nitric surface conditioner that follows anodizing on a type II anodizing line as seen below.

At the location of the surface conditioner where a nitric acid would be used, instead TAC SORMAL 121 would be ran at about a 5% makeup.

Why change from the tried and true? Nitric acid has been used for a very long time and while it works well sometimes it fails to pull out the thick sulfates that build up in the anodizing bath as it ages and later stick to your parts. These problems can be seen on parts with complex geometries, blind holes, or small micro folds\pits from molding defects. What happens is the thick sulfates find purchase in these spots and inhibit dying, sometimes it can cause drip marks on the surface of the part where it oozes out in the high heat of the dye bath.

If you are having defects on your line similar to these you may find that your issue is coming from inferior rinsing post anodizing. A great solution is to add TAC SORMAL 121 to your line and watch a few of your headaches rinse away too. For more information or to get in contact with your local sales representative please contact us.