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Anodizing: Specialized Additives

Okuno is about always trying to improve the world around us. One of the ways we do that is by inventing new ways to improve different finishes. While anodizing creates an amazing finish that is great for so many different applications there are a few aspect of it that can be improved. That is where our amazing R&D team started and created some specialty additives to give you shop the edge over your competitors. To get an idea of what we have I want to introduce you to a few of our newest products;

TAC SORMAL 121:  This is a dye fixing additive that helps improve the dye affinity of the anodized film.

TOP ANOCOAT: It is a post seal dip that increases the alkaline resistance and light fastness for certain dyes. It goes on post seal without changing the appearance of the coating or finish.

Sunblock 77: This product is intended to increase the light fastness of dyed anodized aluminum. It is applied pre-sealing without changing the appearance of the film.