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Coatings for Glass

Okuno has been providing world class inks for the Asian market for a long time by supplying manufactures in China and Japan who than ship their products all over the world. In an effort to further help North American manufactures Okuno is now offering our extensive line here in the us. We offer both Ceramic inks and UV cured inks in a wide variety of colors.


Beyond standard inks for your glass products we also offer some very unique coatings. We have our Nanosmart SK which gives an opaque coating that can really make your product stand out. Our Reflector AL gives a mirrored finish that can be paired with Nanosmart SK to make a 3D effect on the glass. Lastly to keep your glass looking clean and nice we offer Nanosmart AF, an anti-finger printing coating that makes an 100% clear hydro-phobic coating. This means that less oil from your fingers will stick to the glass and make any oils that does remain just

easily wipe away without any cleaners.