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Okuno welcomes Yamamoto to the US

Yamamoto is a Japanese manufacture of precision plating testers and analyzers. By using their special equipment you can identify arising issues in many of your plating bath before they begin to impact your plating line or the final product.

On that note we would like to introduce special equipment, designed by Yamamoto-ms Co., Ltd, for the evaluation of the plating solutions. Items like custom and standard Hull Cells,…..,

We are offering all of their products as a distributor based in the US. Yamamoto offers a wide array from standard equipment to the unique and specialized for operations of all sizes.


One piece of unique equipment that many shops could benefit from is a Spiral Contract-Meter. This special tool is used to measure the internal stress of plating films. This is especially important for plating on plastic (PoP) shops. Plating on plastic is done mostly for decorative purposes and used in the automotive and faucet industries. They use thermal cycle tests to test for adhesion and too high internal stress can cause failure in these test or pre-mature failure in the field. One method to measure the stress is the bent strip method, which is a well-known and simple test. However, it can only determine the stress at one thickness and cannot be measured at all if the film is too think. That is why we recommend using the Spiral Contract Meter, it can measure the stress while a plating at any thickness you require. The Spiral Contract Meter is made from stainless steel, enabling it to be reused several times after striping the existing plating film with nitric acid.

For more information or to place an order please contact us.